Local Stores Offer WC Students Discounts: An Insider’s Look into Downtown Chestertown’s Stores and How to Save Money

By Abby Wargo
Student Life Editor

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee at Play It Again, Sam or finding a new book to read at the Bookplate, downtown Chestertown is a popular spot for Washington College students to spend an afternoon. What most people don’t know, though, is that many stores in town offer discounts to college students. The Elm compiled a list of a few locations that offer discounted prices for WC attendees.

Just Right Treats:

An offshoot of J.R.’s, Just Right Treats has a selection of baked goods, ice cream, and drinks, as well as a sitting area perfect for playing checkers or finishing up some homework. They offer a 10 percent discount for WC students.

She She on High:

A new business celebrating their one year anniversary, She She on High is a boutique offering a wide selection of items, including soaps, T-shirts, jewelry, home gifts, and Blue Q socks. Still not intrigued? Augustus, an employee’s four-month-old pet pig, frequents the shop. They offer a 10 percent discount.

Play It Again, Sam:

This coffeehouse also offers a selection of bakery items and lunch fare, such as the Badass and Sub of Sam sandwiches. Patrons can spend time reading in the sitting area, or enjoying an afternoon with friends. They can also pick up a copy of The Elm while they’re waiting for their coffee. Sam’s offers a 10 percent discount, but only with a valid college ID.

The Bookplate:

Chestertown’s own local bookstore has a wide variety of used books on many different topics ranging from paperback mass-produced fiction to local publications, such as the Cherry Tree literary journal. A reader’s haven, bookworms can spend hours here perusing through the shelves searching for their next favorite book. An added perk is Keke the cat who lives in the store. The discounts here vary, but students can expect at least a 10 to 15 percent discount on their purchases.

These are just a select few of the many local businesses in town that welcome the patronage of WC students. If you’re not sure if a store offers a discount—ask, because they just might. It saves you money while also helping you support local businesses.

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