Pet of the Week: Diamond

By Madi Bendistis
Elm Staff Writer

This week’s pet is truly a Diamond in the ruff. Meet Diamond, a Staffordshire Terrier mix available for adoption at the Humane Society of Kent County. She is about three-years-old and she has a beautiful black and white coat and brown eyes.

Diamond ended up at the Humane Society in a unique turn of events.

“Diamond was running when someone found her in Rock Hall,” said Kennel Technician JP Hooker.

It was clear that Diamond had belonged to someone. “We found the owner but they didn’t want her, so they surrendered Diamond to us.”

Why someone would surrender a dog as precious as Diamond is a mystery to the staff at the Humane Society.

“She loves being petted. She’s gorgeous. She’s a great dog,” Hooker said.


Diamond was not treated like the jewel that she is by her previous owner. Diamond was likely used to birth puppies mainly.

“You can tell that Diamond has had multiple litters,” said Kennel Technician Julie Neukam. “We had her spayed as soon as we could.”

Because Diamond’s interactions with other dogs have been limited to breeding, she would do best as the only dog in the house.

“She doesn’t really like other dogs,” Neukam said. “I think it’s because she’s had so many pregnancies. Only bad things have happened to her when she’s been around other dogs.”

Although Diamond would prefer to be the only dog in the household, she does great with people of all ages, and would likely do great with small children. Diamond has never been around cats, but, judging by her current friendship with a pig at the Humane Society, her love extends to animals of many types.

Diamond has experienced a rough start in life, but she is eager to find her forever home.

“She absolutely loves people,” Hooker said. “She’s very friendly and she responds well to treats. I took her for a car ride today and she really enjoyed that, too. We stopped at McDonalds and got some food.”

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing precious Diamond, please contact the Humane Society of Kent County at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

The Humane Society  will be present at the Chestertown Farmer’s Market on Saturday, Sept. 9.

“We would love to see some WC students there to talk to us and meet some of our animals,” Hooker said.

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