Catching Up with President Landgraf

By Molly Igoe
News Editor

From joining a women’s rowing team practice to shooting T-shirts out of a cannon, President Kurt Landgraf has already become a recognizable presence at many school events.

“The most fun I have is when I can do something with the students. That’s what makes this job so worthwhile,” he said.

His favorite events so far have been the presidential tailgate, and the senior night sports games, because he gets to meet all the parents.

He spoke about how much he enjoys the speakers who come to campus. Craig Steven Wilder, author of “Ebony and Ivy,” he said, met with him to discuss “some things we need to pay attention to, like the name of our College.”

He also attended Dr. James Allen Hall’s reading of “I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well,” which he said, “I don’t know how people could just sit there and not cry. He just poured his heart out, so I loved that.”

Landgraf said he is optimistic about the future of the College.

“I go to everything I can on campus, I feel like this is a big part of my job, getting to know on a personal level the students and faculty. I have been fantastically impressed with the quality of students here…it’s the most emotive and remarkable part of this College for me…the more I get to know the students here, the more impressed I am because the students motivate me,” he said.

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