Pumpkin Spice Season Arrives in Chestertown

By Laiken Harrigan 
Elm Staff Writer

Fall — the season of pumpkin spice — is finally here.  For anyone wondering where to find it around Chestertown, I visited different local businesses that offer their unique take on the flavor.

Lockbriar Farms Pumpkin Ice Cream

Lockbriar Farms is located on Worton Road, approximately a five-minute drive from campus. The short commute to this local farm and ice cream shop was well worth the time. The pumpkin ice cream is made with natural, local ingredients that give it a really rich and creamy flavor. The combination of pumpkin and cinnamon spice was perfectly balanced; a comforting and refreshing treat.

The Ice Cream Barn at Lockbriar Farms offers a range of other homemade flavors that are made right in the shop. All of their ingredients are grown on the farm or bought from other local farmers. Since pumpkins are only grown in the fall, the pumpkin ice cream is a limited time offer. Lockbriar Farms also sells pumpkins, apple cider, fruits, and more.

Play it Again, Sam Pumpkin Spice Latte

Known for their sandwiches, coffee,  and treats, Sam is a popular spot on Cross Street. I ordered their pumpkin spice latte and was not disappointed. The latte came personalized with whole milk, two shots of espresso, and whipped cream. I expected the drink to be really sweet, but the pumpkin was actually a subtle, pleasant addition to a normal latte.

As a coffee lover, I appreciated that the drink still had a strong espresso flavor. The shop does offer pumpkin spice in other drinks, such as a hot chocolate or a breve latte, for those looking for something a bit sweeter.

Just Right Treats Pumpkin Pie

Just Right Treats offers a variety of sweets, but has a special homemade pumpkin pie for autumn.
Just Right Treats offers a variety of sweets, but has a special homemade pumpkin pie for autumn.

This bakery located right next to the Lemon Leaf is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and hang out for a bit. They have a huge room to the right of the store filled with comfy couches and tables. They offer ice cream, coffee, bagels, and sweets. I selected their homemade pumpkin pie to try, but they also have pumpkin muffins. The pie is refrigerated and sold with whipped cream on top. It had a thick texture and a perfect blend of spices. The crust was homemade with a flaky and crisp texture. Other than the pie and the muffins, the bakery offers cinnamon rolls, donuts, and bagels. They do not offer many café drinks other than coffee, though.

Evergrain Pumpkin Muffin

Evergrain is a well-known bakery on High Street. They are popular for their delicious croissants and baguettes, which are always made fresh. They sell other homemade baked goods and café drinks. This week I tried their new pumpkin muffin. The muffin was made with crumbles on top, and the outer layer had a really nice crunch, while the inside was super moist and flavorful. This was my favorite pumpkin-flavored item.

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