There’s an App for That: Five Best Apps for Students

By Victoria Cline
Elm Staff Writer

With busy schedules and constantly growing to-do lists, having just the right app at your fingertips can make all the difference. After asking different opinions from students around campus and researching online, certain apps seemed to be the most popular across the board. If you already have all five apps downloaded to your device, you are keeping up with the most popular college student technology trends. Here’s an overarching list covering the productive, the healthy, and the practical to help you be the most successful you during your college years.

LiveSafe: I know we have all heard from different college officials to download this app, but if you have not decided to yet I would encourage you to do so. It’s an easy, reliable way to keep track of friends as they walk back to their dorms and to use for yourself wherever you might be on campus or around town. Basically, the app is a techy improvement to the “text me when you get home” option and will give you the opportunity to alert officials if you need help in any way.

SWEAT: This app is for everyone out there in need of a fun yet challenging workout sequence. What is so easy about the exercises on this app is that they can be done at home or in the gym, and the entire workout is only about 30 minutes. You can also choose the level of your workout and work at your own pace, which makes the app a great resource for beginners and the more experienced gym-goer. Warning to first time users: like the title implies, you will definitely work up a sweat, but it’s totally worth it.

EasyBib: Easy help for your citation needs. All you have to do is choose the citation format, enter the title of the work, and the app helps create the citation for your paper.

Quizlet: This app allows you to have flashcards on the go, quiz yourself, and find other student’s flashcard sets to study your topic.

Wunderlist: You don’t have to keep up with lists on paper lost in your room or bookbag anymore. You can store multiple lists on this app, which allows you to check them off easily and plan ahead with reminders sent to notify you of due dates. The app also can be shared with your laptop, making it even more convenient for you to know what needs to be done next.

Bonus App— GET: This is perfect for WC students, because it lets you view your account balance for Dining Dollars and how many meals you have used for that week’s meal plan. By keeping track, you can make sure to never be surprised again by running out of money while at Java George, Martha’s, or Create.

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