An Absolutely Killer Physique; How to Eat and Workout for Washboard Abs

By Amanda Gabriel
Senior Writer

Who doesn’t want a defined stomach to show off? The desire for washboard abs is strong, but many people struggle to achieve this goal. Dedicating time and effort to work out in the gym will tone your muscles, but the first mistake many people make is not realizing the full importance of their diet.

The first rule is to cut out sugar completely from your daily eating habits, because sugar goes straight to your gut. If you want to lose the fat around your waistline, you can’t keep feeding it and you will never see results. It is okay to have a cheat day and to indulge occasionally, but the less you indulge, the faster you will see results.

Another mistake people make is cutting out carbs completely. Whenever you are building muscle, carbs are a crucial part in the diet, but not just any bread or pasta. Whole grains are the energy source your body needs as fuel when working out, otherwise it will take from the muscles.

Once you have altered your diet, the next step is to alter your workout routine. I have never been a fan of only targeting one muscle each day, as I do not feel as accomplished as when I work out my entire body. That being said, if you want to develop a six pack, then more emphasis does need to be placed on ab exercises. Specifically, movements such as planks, sit ups, hanging leg raises, kayaks, and ab wheel roll outs are great for targeting that area. Any of these movements can be done for a set number of reps or timed rounds as a workout or even an addition to the end of a workout. There are many possibilities to try, as these are not the only abs movements. Add an extra element to the workout by trying it with a partner, and throw a ball back and forth while performing sit ups, for example. Stay strict but have fun and be creative on your fitness journey.

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