Gibson Fine Arts’ Suspect Charged

By Brooke Schultz and Molly Igoe
Editor-in-Chief and News Editor

Chestertown resident Vicirius Wilson, 19, has been charged with fourth degree burglary for a theft in Gibson Center for the Arts.

According to Lt. John Dolgos of the Chestertown Police Department, the individual was caught on Monday, Oct. 30 at about 2:10 p.m. after a foot chase. The Department of Public Safety received a call of a suspicious person in Gibson, said Director of Public Safety Gerald Roderick. When they responded, the individual ran into the theater and went out an uncovered exit. The individual ran into another building. Lt. Dolgos was with them at the time and assisted with the arrest.

Throughout the semester, a string of thefts have occurred in Gibson. In the most recent incident, five students reported items stolen. The belongings stolen included $40 in cash, a cell phone case, a jacket, a backpack, and headphones. Two of the students’ cell phones were smashed.

In that particular instance, Brandon McFayden, Public Safety officer, said that the suspect gathered the belongings adjacent to Gibson, rifled through them, and left them there.

The thefts occurred when students were preparing for the production “Yellow Face,” which ran from Oct. 27 to 28.  

Wilson is only being charged for this crime. Lt. Dolgos said that two other individuals who were caught on-campus were issued no trespassing letters, but have not been charged.

“It has been an incredibly difficult series of incidents for the drama department to be the center of as they’re trying to do their productions and keep their concentration up among all these distractions about their security…we’re not anywhere near where we can drop our guard because there’s more than one bad guy in our community,” Roderick said. “Continue practices of keeping ourselves and belongings safe and secure.”

Wilson is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 18.  

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