Hero of the Week: Thanksgiving Break

By  Rosie Alger
Opinion Editor

Students everywhere are starting to get worn down by a long semester, battles with illnesses, windy, cold days, and general homesickness. Now is the perfect time for a little break, and Thanksgiving could not come at a better time.

This week’s hero is the five day weekend Washington College students receive for Thanksgiving. The time off is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep, spend time with family and friends, eat a home-cooked meal, and rejuvenate before the last haul to finals week.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it maximizes the food and family aspects of a holiday, but cuts back on the stressful preparatory season which other holidays tend to have.

Whether or not you enjoy the holiday itself, we can all appreciate a little time off from work and school. Let’s be thankful for the rest this Thanksgiving, no matter how we may each choose to spend the time.

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