How to Get Yourself Back on Track; In Case Your Workout Regimen Took a Break Too

By Amanda Gabriel
Senior Writer

Getting back to workout routines and healthy eating habits can be difficult after overindulging during Thanksgiving.

Although you may feel like you have gained a few pounds coming back to campus, a few days of eating turkey and stuffing isn’t going to ruin a fitness journey. People tend to have the mindset that if they ate multiple unhealthy meals, then they should just give up and keep eating extra servings and dessert. This will lead to a spiral through Christmas and the New Year, and all of your hard work through 2017 will be voided. Do not give up, and tell yourself that it is ok to cheat once in a while, because cutting out a food group entirely is another bad habit.

As more festivities approach, you are probably going to be more tempted than normal, so do not punish yourself for occasional cheat meals. Instead of eating a huge slice of cake, take a smaller piece and have the willpower to say “no” with your goals in mind. If every day you find yourself avoiding every unhealthy food group, you are bound to crave these foods more and are more likely to binge on them later. Remember, everything in moderation.

After you admit to yourself that you overindulged, you have to recommit to your goals. Get back to the gym and get moving again because once you return to your routine you will forget about the past week’s meals. It may even be time to try a new routine or class available here at the college to keep things new and interesting. As long as you are motivated and engaged, you will continue to improve on your fitness journey. Additionally, it is important to drink more water, as your body probably is holding on to toxins and sodium that needs to be flushed out.

Winter is the hardest time to stick to any fitness goal. With all of the desserts and insistent family members, how are you supposed to say no? I say, do not say “no” all the time. Pick and choose your meals wisely, and remember to balance everything out. If you eat something unhealthy at lunch, eat a healthy dinner, and get in a great workout that day and the next.


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