Miller Library Welcomes New Face

By Mary Sprague
Elm Staff Writer

Before coming to WC to work as a reference librarian at Miller Library, Gwynneth Anderson was sailing around the world.

She and her husband sailed around the world on a 38-ft. Cheoy Lee named the Peregrine. They started their trip in 2012.

“My husband and I both love sailing, and we were attracted to the adventure of long-distance voyaging. When we completed undergrad, we lived on a 25-foot sailboat for six months and traveled from the Chesapeake Bay to the Bahamas,” she said.

After the completion of this trip, the two decided to start on their dream of circumnavigation. They worked for four years preparing a larger boat for the trip.   

Anderson said that they traveled to 22 countries, some of which included Panama, Colombia, French Polynesia, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Madagascar, and South Africa.

She said that the French-speaking island of Rodrigues, located in the Indian Ocean, was her favorite destination.

“Rodrigues is beautiful, peaceful, and bucolic, and the islanders impressed me with their optimism, independence, and hospitality. The island seemed untouched by the bustle and anxiety of modern times,” she said.

Anderson earned a Masters of Library Science in 2010 from the University of Maryland. During this time, she interned at the National Press Club Archives, where she made facilities available for research and reference. She also maintained the record and manuscript collections, and helped with the digitization of historic photographs.  

After the NPCA, she worked in Washington D.C. at the Architect of the Capital. There, she prepared resources for reference and research for both government contractors and AOC employees. Additionally, she managed the digitization of historic architectural documents from the Capitol building, and helped with similar documents from the Supreme Court building.

They traveled back to the United States in June, and in July reached the Chesapeake Bay. Anderson began her work at the Miller Library in late September. So far, she has enjoyed her time on-campus.

“The Miller Library offers an abundance of resources, and it is a real pleasure to work here. The students, faculty and staff have all been very welcoming. My most important responsibility is to assist students with research and reference questions. You can find me at the Miller Library in the office behind the circulation desk. Please stop by and say hello. I am here to help,” she said.

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