Pet of the Week: Krimson

By Madison Bendistis
Elm Staff Writer

When Krimson, a one-and-a-half year-old red nose pit-bull, first arrived at the Humane Society, he was not in the handsome state that he is in now.


“He was surrendered to us by his previous owner and he came to us in really bad shape. He had some kind of skin infection,” said Kennel Technician JP Hooker.

Luckily, the Humane Society is used to taking care of animals that arrive in poor conditions.

“We treated his skin and it got better eventually, but there’s still some small bald patches on his back. They’re filling in really well though,” he said.

Treating Krimson’s skin condition wasn’t the only struggle that this pup faced upon arriving at the Humane Society.

“Krimson has been through a lot. He’s very stressed out here but he’s doing a lot better than when he first got here. He literally screams in his kennel because he is so stressed out,” he said.

With the help of doggy anti-anxiety medication and the attention of the shelter’s staff, Krimson has become more at ease in his kennel. Nonetheless, the staff are hoping that Krimson can get out of the kennel environment soon.

“Krimson is still young and he’s very smart. He’s treat motivated and he;s enough that he would be really easy to train. We actually assessed him yesterday and he did great. He didn’t show any signs of aggression with food or toys,” he said.

In addition to displaying some star behavior, Krimson has a cute personality that the staff has fallen for.

“He’s a goofball. I took some picture of him making some really weird faces. He’s just such a sweet dog,” he said.

Potential owners should know that Krimson can be wary around other dogs especially ones that are larger than him.

“He prefers smaller dogs as opposed to dogs his size or bigger. He gets along really well with a beagle we have here, but he;s more unsure around some of the other dogs. I don’t think he was socialized with larger dogs, so he doesn’t know how to act around them,” he said.

Aside from this, Krimson has no restrictions on his adoption. He would do well with any owner, as long as they are prepared for an energetic dog.

“Krimson is super strong, but he’s sweet as can be and a handsome boy. He wouldn’t hurt anyone. He has come a long way. We though that we’d have to work with him a lot longer but his assessment went very well. He has some staff favorites here who have really connected with him,” he said.

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families interested in rescuing Krimson, please contact the Humane Society of Kent County at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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