Tanzania Summer Seminar

By Lori Wysong
Elm Staff Writer

This summer, Washington College students will have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania for a Summer Seminar.  Participants in the program can visit such famous locations as Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti, and get the opportunity to perform community service outside of the classroom.

Senior Alexandra Green went on a past trip to Tanzania because “the opportunities in Tanzania to work in service, learn, and explore the nation captured my interest,” she said.

In addition to seeing the natural beauty of Tanzania, students will perform service projects with school children and orphans, and will interact with people from cultures different from their own.

Green remembers speaking with members of one tribe via translator after they had all gone hunting for that day’s food.

“They had the opportunity to move into more ‘modern life,’ but they choose to live how they have for hundreds of years. The tribe values their culture and lifestyle above all else—gaining insight into this lifestyle was truly incredible,” she said.

Students who wish to go on the trip may be able to obtain funding through a variety of sources.  Green was able to pay for her trip by doing a research project through the Cater Society of Junior Fellows.

“I studied the oppression faced by women in the Arusha area of Tanzania.” she said.  To do this, she spent much of the trip working closely with an NGO called Women in Action.

Green said she was most impressed by the fact that the organization she worked so closely with was started by just one woman.

“Today, the NGO helps orphans, women with HIV/AIDs, individuals living in poverty, and women with other illnesses. Their outreach in the Arusha region of Tanzania, and even beyond that, is truly inspiring. One person really can impact many.” she said.  Green would wholeheartedly recommend the trip to other WC students.

While the Tanzania program is open to all majors, it may be especially interesting to those who are majoring in political science, international studies, or have an African studies concentration.  Students who are interested in applying should contact Dr. Tahir Shad, the program advisor, at tshad2@washcoll.edu for more details.

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