Athlete Spotlight: Cole Storm

By Louis Galdos
Elm Staff Writer

Freshman point guard Cole Storm is a prime example of one of the many young Shoremen that have done well in their first season at Washington College. 

In this season for the Shoremen basketball program, the team is mainly comprised of younger players. The key to the team’s success originates in developing these newer players for the future of the program. Storm has had to make a few changes to his playing style and leadership on the court in his transition from high school to collegiate basketball, he said.

“I feel I am still transitioning to the college-level this season. I’m starting to do a better job of handling the in-game speed, intensity, and size of the players. I believe my high school team, Germantown Academy, prepared me well for college basketball,” Storm said.

Storm said his coaches and senior Tas Dixon have helped him settle into this season. 

“They have encouraged me to be more vocal and a leader with the team on off the court. They have confidence in me and that helps me a lot,” he said.

Storm is a young player who has great potential to grow into a key component in the program while he is here for the next three seasons. He has specific tasks in mind he wants to improve on in the next few years, knowing his own development will help the team. 

“I want to get better at changing speeds and direction with the ball. I also need to improve my ability to cut to the basket and finish on shots and layups,” he said.

Both Head Coach Aaron Goodman and Assistant Coach Alex Bates had nothing but positive words for Storm in regard to his development thus far. 

“Cole has done a superb job of transitioning into a collegiate level point guard. At his position, he sets the tone for our team offensively and defensively. Once he realized that, he started excelling. We recruited him knowing that he was a hard-working, selfless, and caring individual and he’s brought those same attributes with him into college,” Bates said. 

“I think he has impacted our program with his great attitude, work ethic, and sheer competitive nature. I am very happy with his progress in his first year in our program,” Goodman said. 

Storm’s high school experience at Germantown Academy prepared him well for the competitiveness of the Centennial Conference, and Goodman views him as a player that has “barely touched the surface of his potential.”

The Shoremen’s next home game will be held on Saturday, Feb. 3 at 4 p.m. 

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