Birthday Ball Prep Part 1: Make Your Skin Glow

By Victoria Cline
Elm Staff Writer

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating George Washington with a glamorous party and dance with the theme “Journey to Atlantis.” As those of us who have been to the event before know, February can have its challenges with winter weather, but these next few weeks I will be giving you tips and tricks to prepare for a great night and look your best. This week we are tackling facial skincare, especially for the cold and wind that we all know our campus experiences. Here are my top three suggestions that you can start today for healthy looking skin.

  1. Hydrate. This is the most important for your skin because the cold and wind dries out your face in the winter. There are a few easy ways to combat this. It is important to remember that your skin is not only affected by what you put on it, but also by what your body consumes. For example, in order for your skin to stay moisturized, stay away from excessive amounts of coffee and instead switch to hot tea if you need the caffeine, or ideally just drink water.

The next step is about what to put on your face. Invest in a lightweight moisturizer to put on at night or even a very light layer of lotion on dry areas if you have sensitive skin. A combination of both of these methods will definitely make a difference when you put your best face forward for Birthday Ball.

  1. Eat Superfoods. After consulting a few websites and blogs, I have found that orange colored foods help give your skin a healthy glow. Top choices include carrots, mangoes, and even oranges, which have essential vitamins for your skin that it especially needs when there is no summer sun. An easy way to start using these superfoods is in a smoothie, which you could make yourself or buy at the grocery store.
  2. Sleep. I know this is especially difficult when we are in college running crazy hours and studying late, but it is extremely valuable for your skin. Getting a full eight hours gives your skin the necessary time to replenish and rest, plus it allows all of the hydrating to take affect overnight and soak in that moisturizer. If you can’t get eight hours every night (which I rarely can do myself) aim for giving yourself an extra hour of rest at least three days a week. Rest doesn’t have to mean sleep necessarily, but at least being indoors in the warmth doing nothing is a place to start.

Hopefully you have found something from these few tips that you can start to implement as we approach Birthday Ball. Just remember that no matter what your skincare routine may be, confidence and a smile is all you need for a great look on your big night.


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