Getting Ready for the Ball: Part 2: The Pros and Cons of Long and Short Dresses

By Victoria Cline
Elm Staff Writer

The usual dilemma of what to wear to Birthday Ball is the length of your dress, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both styles to help solidify your choice.

Be unique and comfortable. Never wear something that you feel is not a reflection of yourself and that you can’t be confident in as you grace the dance floor with your party-ready presence.


IMG_20180210_171056645Pro: Now encouraged since Birthday Ball is a more black-tie, formal event, a long dress is going to give you more coverage which can be great for cold weather. You can take advantage of strutting in a gown instead of the usual cocktail dress that is worn at Shoremal. A long dress is always the opportunity to be elegant and dress to impress. It’s not every day that you get to wear a long gown, so feel free to enjoy it.

Con: Long dresses are of course…long. The issue with that could be on the dance floor if people are stepping on it or it impedes your dancing. Certain long dresses can also be heavy and a bit cumbersome for the wearer. I suggest you have a short train and a slit in your dress to help you move easily and be comfortable.


IMG_20180210_170857015Pro: For a more fun and lightweight style, try a short dress that can be just as classy as a long one. The obvious pro is that this type of dress is more ideal for getting down on the dance floor and showing a little more skin. Short dresses can often be worn again to other events as well, and tend to be less expensive depending on the brand.

Con: Short dresses are definitely colder than long ones and depending on the February weather that can be an issue. Also, the more popular style at Birthday Ball is long, so you might feel a bit out of place in a short dress. The easy compromise is a high-low dress.

Regardless of what you choose, the event is ultimately not about what you wear, but more about grabbing your friends and/or date and having fun at Journey to Atlantis: Birthday Ball 2018.


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