Pet of the Week: Raven

By Madison Bendistis
Elm Staff Writer

Don’t be fooled by this week’s pet’s name; Raven is not a bird, nor is he an Edgar Allen Poe poem. Raven is a 4-and-a-half-year-old tuxedo cat available for adoption at the Humane Society of Kent County.

Raven was brought to the Humane Society by his previous owner through no fault of his own, and he is not a fan of the shelter life.

“Every time someone walks into the cat room, Raven tries to run out,” said Kennel Technician JP Hooker. “He’s sick and tired of this room. He wants to be in a home.”

Many cats suffer to keep their spirits up when living in a shelter, but few cats express their desire for freedom as much as Raven does. As soon as Raven is brought out of his kennel, he sits at the door and meows.

“He’s such an escape artist. He must watch too much of that show Prison Break or something,” Hooker said. “He’s literally just trying to get out of this small room.”

The Humane Society’s staff is equally eager to help Raven find his home.

“He’s a really affectionate cat. He likes attention,” he said. “He lives in our free roaming colony with other cats so obviously he does well with other cats.”

Raven has never been introduced to dogs, but he would likely do well with them. He would also do well with children of all ages.

“He’s pretty easily adoptable,” he said. “And he’s cute too. He has really pretty blueish eyes.”

Volunteers from Washington College’s club Animal Impact also enjoy spending time with Raven.

“He’s really fun to play with,” said sophomore Larisa Okshewsky. “He likes to be cuddled and get attention, but he can also be really playful.”

Still, volunteers can only be with Raven for a few hours of the day. The staff is hopeful that Raven will be a much happier cat once he finds his forever home.

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing Raven, please contact the Humane Society of Kent County at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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