Pet of the Week: Rukus

By Madison Bendistis
Elm Staff Writer

While Washington College students were relaxing at home over winter break, there was a bit of a commotion at the Humane Society of Kent County. The cause of this ruckus is rightfully named Rukus.

Rukus is a 10-month-old Pit Bull-Lab mix with a dark brown and black coat and gorgeous brown eyes.

“Rukus is still very much a puppy,” Kennel Technician JP Hooker said. “He’s sweet as can be and loves people, but he also is very high energy.”

Adopting a puppy is quite time consuming because of the amount of attention and training they require.

“His previous owners just weren’t in a situation where they could handle raising a high energy dog, so unfortunately they surrendered Rukus to us,” he said.

Rukus has now been at the Humane Society for well over a month, and the staff are hoping that his stay is not extended much longer.

“A dog like Rukus really shouldn’t be kept in a kennel all day. If he had a home with a big yard or an owner who liked to go on runs, he’d be such a happy dog,” he said.

Although Rukus wishes he had a bit more room at the shelter, he is making the most of his time there.

“We just did an adoption readiness test with Rukus, and he passed with flying colors,” Hooker said. “He’s definitely ready to find a home.”

Hooker said that Rukus gets along well with the other dogs.

“When we tested him with cats he seemed afraid of them, but we always do meet and greets just in case,” he said.

Rukus is not only playful with other dogs, but humans as well.

“Rukus is really sweet and playful. We like to have him play with our volunteers from the College because they have a great time playing with him,” he said. “Rukus may be active, but he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.”

If Rukus’s playful personality isn’t enough to win you over, his looks certainly will be.

“Rukus is really small for a Pit, and although he might get a little bigger he’s always going to be on the smaller side. He’s such a handsome dog though,” Hooker said. “His eyes and fur are really beautiful.”

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing Rukus, please contact the Humane Society of Kent County at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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