“We Love WC”: Latest Open House Draws Admitted Students to Campus

By Garrett Wissel
Elm Staff Writer

The Washington College campus was abuzz with prospective students and their families for We Love WAC Day. Saturday, Feb. 10 was the first of three yearly events is the chance for already admitted high-school students to tour campus and learn all about WC.

What set this We Love WAC Day apart from any other open house was its focus on experiential learning.

“We really want to showcase differentiators; the programs and aspects of WC that set us apart from other institutions,” said Madeline Martin, assistant director of events and volunteers for the WC admissions department. “In particular, we really wanted to focus on experiential learning and study abroad, programs that help students to learn outside of a standard college experience.”

After being split into separate informational sessions for students and parents, visitors then attended back-to-back “We Love Experiential Learning” seminars. They were allowed to choose from five different sessions during each time slot. This allowed students and their families to tailor their own open house experience, all while showcasing the wide breadth of educational opportunities offered here.

Many of the seminars included presentations by current WC students.

“Deciding on a college is a stressful process,” junior Amanda Bland said, who gave a presentation on the Chesapeake Semester Program for prospective environmental studies majors. “Having the opportunity to actually speak with students who already attend can really help those deciding if it is the best college for them. I’ve had a really positive experience during my time here at WC, and this is because the school is really well-rounded.”


Coinciding with the time of year, the event was Valentine’s Day themed, “with hearts and pink covering everything,” Martin said. “We’ve never done something like this before, and it’s a really holistic opportunity to show what we uniquely have to offer here at WC.”

Markin said her favorite part was seeing students go to the Rose O’Neill Literary House. “[They] get a chance to work with the vintage literary press we have there. It’s a very specific, unique differentiator that we have.”

After the experiential learning seminars, attendees got to tour campus and eat at the dining hall, closing out a packed schedule by visiting the dormitories and other facilitieson campus for themselves.

As the semester continues, Admissions will hold two more events for admitted students.

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