Student Spotlight: Shreyas Suresh’s Journey to Success at WC

By Christian Yosef 
Elm Staff Writer

Senior Shreyas Suresh is a unique individual here at Washington College. Suresh was born in Bangalore, India and later moved to Mumbai at the age of five. As Chestertown is approximately 7,931 miles away from Mumbai, he came a long way to get to WC.

When looking for colleges, Suresh was introduced to WC’s dean of admissions who was of Indian descent who had come to India for a recruitment trip. He came to Suresh’s high school to talk about WC. “I wasn’t fortunate to visit colleges in America while living in India, but talking to the dean of admissions helped me form a connection with him which then helped me decide to pick WC,” Suresh said.

It was difficult for Suresh to adapt to American culture at first, as well as other new experiences from India, he said.

“The weather was a big difference. Food was also a big difference and it’s probably the biggest thing I miss from back home. Even culture wise, there are so many things done here differently, even simple things where here people show up ten minutes early to class where in India, punctuality wasn’t a huge thing. It would be fine if you showed up to class five to ten minutes late.”

Suresh now has a tall list of accomplishments at WC. He was able to join the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and his goal is to be a mentor to the many underclassmen in his fraternity.

“I definitely help out those who have questions, even relating to econ or business class. They know they can come [to me] and sit down. I always try to help out in any way I can.”

With his double major in business management and economics, Suresh has remained on the Dean’s List every year that he has been at WC.

“Coming from the high school education system in India, we already did a lot of basic stuff that are being taught in colleges,” Suresh said. “I came in already knowing calculus. I [had] an advantage and I think that carried on with me in my years in College.”

Three months away from graduation, Suresh has begun to reflect on his college experience.

Suresh said he was most proud of what he was able to do for Enactus. Enactus’ use of entrepreneurial ideas to come up with social change inspired Suresh. “In my freshman year, we came up with this idea called ‘Soap with Hope’ after the earthquake in Haiti. We wanted to do something and decided to come up with a sanitation project. I was the president of Enactus in my junior year and my involvement with them is the proudest thing I’ve ever done.”

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