The Best Places to Study on Campus

By Victoria Cline 
Elm Staff Writer

As we prepare for midterms and the hours of writing papers and studying for tests, it is important to take a look at changing your study environment. Sometimes a change of location is just what you need to help keep you focused (and awake) as you prep.

The campus is filled with great areas where you can either study by yourself or with a group, and, depending on the weather locations, can be indoor or outdoor. Here are a few spots to try out and change up your prep time.

SGA/SEB office spaces and Resource Room. These organizations are specifically for our student body. The members of each team are always in and out of the office with friends to study and do homework between fulfilling their duties. Everyone can use these spaces on the first floor of Hodson, and there is plenty of room to spread out multiple textbooks, which is a nice plus.

Toll Atrium. Even if you aren’t in the majors this building serves, all students are welcome to utilize this open space with comfortable seating for a quiet working atmosphere. The open concept and lighting can be a nice change of scenery compared to your room or a library cubicle. Plus, unlike the other areas on this list, there are couches as well as tables for multiple studying needs.

Library Terrace. On nice weather days, this is the perfect spot to get your work done. With Wi-Fi available all over campus, you can grab your laptop as well. Being outdoors is a great way to refresh yourself and get a new perspective on your study materials, and the fresh air can be rejuvenating after studying inside or being in class for hours at a time.

Next time you need to hit the books, be sure to get creative with your study environment to try and make the best of your time and experience.


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