A Year in Review: Our Favorite Articles from 2017-18

Victoria Cline: My favorite article was from the Nov. 16 issue last semester “Fast Food, Lasting Memories.”

This article was very special to me because it allowed me to share a family tradition dear to my heart. I think this article serves as a reminder to all of us at college to slow down and make memories while we are here with the ones we love and care about. I think often in our busy culture we don’t realize the small things in life that mean something special to us, and I hope students learned that something as simple as a fast food run can be a memory we take for granted.


Erin Caine: My favorite article from these past two semesters is probably my “Web Series: Giving Voice to the Voiceless” article, just because I think that web series, like other artistic mediums to come out of recent years, are just really diverse (thematically and artistically as well as casting-wise) and accessible.

I wrote an article about a favorite web series of mine, “Carmilla,” two years ago, and actually that article got a surprising amount of attention. I think web series have the ability to be way more influential than we think, and that gives me hope for people who aren’t usually given a platform to talk about their experiences.

Dan Teano: My favorite article that I’ve written these past two semesters was the one on senioritis—particularly because I needed it. I thought the article was helpful to seniors like myself who were struggling to stay motivated and finish strong in their coursework before graduation. Also, that piece was funnier than I anticipated it to be, but thanks to Urban Dictionary’s definition of “senioritis,” the piece was both insightful and light-hearted.

All my friends and I fight this made-up disease on a daily basis, so it seems like that piece is only becoming more relevant over time.

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