Advancement VP Leaves

By Lori Wysong 
Elm Staff Writer

Andrea Trisciuzzi, vice president of Advancement, is leaving Washington College.  After two years at WC, she will step down in May to become vice president for Principal Gifts at the Catholic University of America.

President Kurt Landgraf said he is happy for Trisciuzzi and her new opportunity.

“I am very appreciative of the contributions Andrea has made at WC. She is moving to a terrific professional opportunity and I am pleased for her. I have enjoyed working with her for the past 10 months. I wish Andrea the best both professionally and personally and I will do my best to maintain the positive momentum she has created for our Advancement and alumni programs at every level,” he said.   

During her time at WC, Trisciuzzi was a major part in developing and carrying out the “Forge a Legacy” campaign, which will go toward building the new boathouse and sustaining scholarships and endowments.

In a statement on Monday, Landgraf announced Trisciuzzi’s departure. He said that he is “delighted to step in as the interim leader for the Advancement team as we focus on completing the campaign and continuing to confirm our strategic priorities.”

Trisciuzzi said she did not have much to add to Landgraf’s announcement, except that she is working hard to continue the success of WC’s campaigns before she leaves in May.

“I am very focused at this point in ensuring that all my projects are in order and documented, so that the College does not miss a beat with the campaign,” she said.

Judith Barroll, director of Alumni and Constituent Engagement, will be sorry to see Trisciuzzi leave.

“We always knew we were fortunate to have her for the time we did.  We’ve tried to launch a comprehensive campaign for 13 years and she made it happen. Her successes in the advancement world are well known and sought after,” she said.

Marcus Dykeman, assistant director of Advancement Planning and Operations, believes that most vice presidents of Advancement are either too oriented toward fundraising or too focused on administrating.

“Andrea was really amazingly in the middle of that.  She’s a very dynamic person, but she’s also very decisive,” he said.

At the same time, Dykeman said he would miss Trisciuzzi for more than just her leadership skills. Dykeman described, “Her balance of intense seriousness mixed with total almost goofiness,” and said that this balance of hard work and fun is an approach that he’ll take with him.   

Dykeman believes that Trisciuzzi has paved the way for a smooth transition in the Office of Advancement.

“The quick transition to Kurt as president really helped, because Kurt and Andrea get along very well, and she was able to work with Kurt intensively during the first six months or so to make sure that we were still in line,” he said.

Scott Greatorex, associate vice president for Development and Strategic Engagement, said he agrees that the “Forge A Legacy” campaign will be in good shape even after Trisciuzzi’s departure.

“Andrea has a built a great team, and led us with strategic vision while she served in her role. We’re in great position to meet the $150 million campaign goal to enhance the College’s infrastructure and build endowment for scholarships, programming, and faculty excellence,” he said.

Trisciuzzi believes she is leaving the project in capable hands.

“I love my colleagues and my team here and am very proud of what we have accomplished together,” she said.

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