Bi-Annual Dance Concert Showcases Students’ Talents

By Christian Yosef 
Elm Staff Writer

When done right, dancers have the ability to captivate their audience and make their talents memorable. That is the mission the Dance Club looked to fulfill in their most recent dance show from April 13-14.

“I decided to join Dance Club because I’ve danced since I was young and wanted to continue dancing in college,” said junior Alison Zdrojewski, president of Dance Club. “I hope that all of the performers have fun showing their peers and families all of the hard work and training that they’ve put into dancing this year.”

Zdrojewsi’s favorite thing about the show was the mix of beginners and people that have danced for years performing together. “We all work together to put on this show. I love my [Washington College] dance family.”

Sophomore Emily Kreider is also a member of the Dance Club.

“There are so many advantages to being in Dance Club and to being a dancer in general,” she said. “Dance is a unique activity in that it is both a creative outlet and athletic outlet in one. Being a dancer allows me to collaborate with other dancers to put together routines while also providing me with a way to improve my strength, coordination, and flexibility.”

Kreider said dancing keeps her healthy while also allowing her to do what she loves and to showcase her artistic passion.

“Being in Dance Club has allowed me to be a part of a community of students who share the same passion that I do. Everyone in dance club is very welcoming, and we all cheer each other on in everything we do. It’s such a supportive community of students, and I feel so grateful to be a part of it.”

When speaking about the goals she wanted to achieve during the dance show, she said, “I hope with the Dance Club concert we can showcase to the WC community the incredible talent which our students have. These dancers have been working since the beginning of the semester to put together some of these routines, and they have been attending weekly practices to work on their skills and strengthen the pieces in the show. I hope that the dance concert shows the integrity, commitment, and passion which these students have for dancing.”

Kreider said she was very impressed with the hard work and time the dancers put into preparing for the show.

Dancing is very important to these members, where many want to continue dancing even after graduating from WC, such as Elizabeth Lilly.

“I don’t have any plans to dance professionally or have a job in the dance field after I graduate but I hope to never lose it completely,” she said. “Dance is a major part of my life in many ways, from it being a creative outlet to the increased physical and mental flexibility I get from it to the wonderful people I meet along the way, and I really hope I can always find ways to keep it in my life.”

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