Greek Week, Greek Games Invite Campus Organizations to Unify Through Fun

By Isabella Sansanelli 
Elm Staff Writer

There are few times during the school year that the Green is packed with people. Now there’s another reason for it: the Greek Games, an event that finished off Greek Week, which lasted from April 15-April 21.

Greek Week at Washington College brings the the participating fraternities and sororities together to raise awareness not only for Greek Life, but also to promote the individual values and philanthropies for each of their Greek organizations. Theta Chi, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma, and Kappa Alpha represented the fraternities, and Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi, and Alpha Chi Omega represented the sororities.

On the last day of Greek Week, many fraternities and sororities took part in the Greek Games which included a water balloon toss, an egg toss, a three-legged race, flag football, tug-of-war, and a relay race. Additionally, there were standing events open to all participants throughout the day which incuded corn hole, Jenga, and an inflatable obstacle course, all of which aimed to facilitate involvement from the whole of the Greek community.

This was all intended to create a strong and harmonious bond between the different Greek organizations on campus.

Senior brother of Phi Delta Theta, Shreyas Suresh said, “I went to trivia night and Greek Games and it was such a cool thing for [the] Panhellenic Council and [the] Interfraternity Council to put on for us. [There’s] nothing like some friendly competition between the organizations to make us closer and strengthen our friendships. [I] wish we’d done this sooner and [I] hope we continue doing it every year, or maybe even every semester.”

Freshman Jamie Waddell, sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, was thankful for  the week as a whole.

“‘Panhel’ gave Greek life at WC a great opportunity for friendly competition with [the] Greek Games and did a great job in bringing all of us together this week,” she said. “I’m looking forward to participating again next year.”

“My first Greek Games was really fun and originally I was concerned it would be too competitive but I was happy to see that it encouraged the sororities to work together and spread ‘panhel’ love,” said freshman Julia Sparco, sister of Alpha Omicron Pi. “I participated in the toss games during which were a lot of fun and Alpha Omicron Pi actually ended up winning which was exciting.”

Senior sister of Alpha Chi Omega, Emily Houck, participated in her final Greek Games.

“I’m glad they brought Greek Games back because it was so much fun to be able to compete against each other organizations while also hanging out with my sisters all day,” she said.

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