Procolino’s Celebrates 38 Years of Community

By Taylor Patterson 
Elm Staff Writer

Small town, family-owned businesses are something that Chestertown is known for. Procolino’s is one such family-run business that has thrived for the last 38 years. The popular pizza joint celebrated its anniversary on Wednesday, April 25.

Vincenzo and Salvatore Scotto moved to America from Monte di Procida, Italy. The family lived in Western Maryland and worked with their family members who also ran businesses. After a few years, the brothers were offered the space to start their own business in Chestertown and opened the restaurant in 1980.

“We love this town and the College,” Vincenzo Scotto said.

Scotto wants to keep the restaurant local because of that love and the support they receive from the community.

This family-run restaurant is well-supported by dedicated customers and their families. Procolino’s is a favorite among the locals, and that love has been passed down to their children.

“I’ve been coming here since they opened. It’s good food and good people. My children and grandchildren come here now too. Vinnie and Sal are the best,” Kay McHenry said.

The college community plays a large role in Procolino’s success. Even though they no longer deliver to campus for the late-night pizza cravings many of the students experience, when the College is not in session there is a noticeable absence in the restaurant.

“We thank all the students and coaches that send the sports teams, family, and friends to us and other local businesses in the area,” Vincenzo Scotto said.

The sports teams as well as the fraternities partnerwith Procolino’s for events and fundraisers or sending sports teams there after games. The Athletics Department and fraternities both like working with Procolino’s.

“Proc’s is a student-friendly environment. The owners have worked with the Kappa Alpha Order on donating [to] our philanthropy. The business allowed us to take a portion of all proceeds made and donate them to the Muscular Dystrophy Association,” said junior Matthew Aubin, vice president of the Kappa Alpha Order.

“Proc’s is an establishment that is a “pietra miliare”…an untouchable signature. People come in and order whatever they want, be it subs, pizza, pasta, a soda, or just chips. We are just happy to be able to serve them. 38 years of serving this community with pleasure and good will is what has made this place last for all these years,” Vincenzo Scotto said.

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