Back to Back Shutouts Makes History

WomensSoccer_MacKenzieBrady (2)By Eric Botti

Elm Staff Writer

Along with last week’s win over Rosemont College, the Shorewomen made history by opening their season with back to back shutout victories. This is the first time Washington College women’s soccer has openend the season with two shutout wins.

On the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 8, the Washington College women’s soccer team won their first home game of the season against Rutgers University-Camden in a 2-0 shutout victory. Goals came from by freshman Emily Jacoby and senior Arianna Sabatino.

Senior Olivia Sabatino was recognized at the beginning of the game for her Shorewomen record of 18 career goals, which she achieved with her two goals last week against Rosemont. After her assist this game for a total of 13 career assists, she is also tied for Shorewomen career assists along with Stephanie Bradley and Sarah Polhamus.

The Shorewomen played a commanding game, managing to maintain possession of the ball for most of the time and powerfully outshoot the Scarlet Raptors. They started off strong with five shots taken in the first eight minutes of play and were able to take eight shots total before the Scarlet Raptors could even get one off. By the end of the half the Shorewomen held a 22-4 shot lead over the Scarlet Raptors and by the end of the game had increased that to an astonishing 36-7 shot lead.

Both of the Shorewomen’s goals were scored during the first half within two minutes of each other. The first goal was scored with 22 minutes left in the half by freshman Emily Jacoby marking her second career goal with the Shorewomen. Jacoby was able to recover a rebound from a shot made by Olivia Sabatino and score.

Moments later, Arianna Sabatino was able to double the Shorewomen’s lead with a shot to the upper corner, after a pass from sophomore Sara Douglas at the upper right of the penalty area.

The Shorewomen were able to maintain this lead for the rest of the game by continuing to maintain possession and an excellent defense. Goalkeeper Annalie Buscarino, sophomore, was able to make six saves with an impressive zero goals allowed.

Due to her excellent performance during the game, Jacoby was named the Goose Nation TV Shorewomen Player of the Game for the first time in her career.

The Shorewomen’s next game will be Wednesday, Sept. 12 at Hood College. This will be their first game against Hood since 2011 when the Shorewomen beat them 1-0. Last Friday’s game against Wesley has also been rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 19.

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