Goose Nest Lounge and Office Renovations Near Completion

edited.Nest_MarkCooley (1)By Olivia Montes

Elm Staff Writer

For the past several weeks, Yerkes Construction has been hard at work adding new features and additions to the game room in the Goose Nest, where Washington College students and staff frequently go to relax and enjoy a little bit of fun after a long day’s work.

“The nest has not really changed,” said senior Victoria Cline, Student Government Association president.

“There is now better equipment for student events, such as a projector [a podium] and sound system, but the space has not really changed beyond that.”

Cline, SGA Vice President Savannah Masterson, junior and SGA Financial Controller Nicole Certesio, junior, collaborated on the project with the help of the heads of the Finance Office, Associate Vice President for Facilities Valerie RiChard from Buildings and Grounds, and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Title IX Coordinator Candace Wannamaker.

The lounge will be receiving the special treatment, according to Director of Student Engagement Elaine Grant. In addition to new SGA headquarters, there will be a new reception area, a commuter and veteran’s lounge for the school’s nontraditional students, and a new conference room for other student-led groups to meet up and have some down-time.

“Right now, we are just waiting for the floor to be waxed, painting to be completed, door locks to be installed, and furniture moved back into place. [These additions] will make it easier for people to do events in that room,” Grant said.

The idea for the project began circulating during an SGA 2016-2017 Executive Board meeting last year, according to Wannamaker and RiChard.

“The project was designed almost entirely by the SGA and SEB, which had various rotations throughout the formation and completion of the design. Like our great democracy, which we celebrate, the process can be messy and challenging at times, but the ultimate results are a great collaboration of ideas from all,” RiChard said.

The renovated lounge has something to and for everyone to enjoy, according to Masterson.

“[This will] allow students to have space to come talk to SGA members during their office hours, and help clubs have direct access to their own storage area for their club use,” she said.

The SGA has already confirmed new furnishings for the new available rooms, including a new TV set and row of lockers, as well as more storage space for student clubs in order to ensure that the space be inclusive for everyone on the WC campus.

Additionally, the space will see the return of game equipment like pool tables, foosball, and a new ping pong table, as well as lounge chairs.

“We are beyond excited for [students] to see the new updates,” Masterson said.

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