SGA Minutes Sept. 18

The Shoremal Tailgate with the Student Events Board will be on Oct. 17. Shoremal will be on Oct. 20.

The first week of December was  tentatively discussed as a possible Suicide and Depression Awareness Week.

Care packages will potentially will be given out to international students upon their arrival.

iServe will be on Oct. 6 at Heron Point from noon to 2 p.m. It will involve working on multiple projects.

A motion passed to make WAC Out Childhood Cancer, a fundraising club geared specifically towards childhood cancer, a special interest group on campus.  Its purpose will be giving back to hospitals and families and helping kids feel less lonely.  Costs for transportation are the only concerns with regards to discretionary requests.

Motion passed to allocate $285 to the Black Student Union for Ugly Christmas Sweater & Movie Event.

Motion passed to allocate $248 to the Black Student Union for Pumpkin Party & Movie with SEB Event. It would involve showing a Halloween movie and carving pumpkins on Halloween night.

Motion passed to allocate $2,553 to WACappella for Recording. A professional recording company will be coming to them. The album is intended for admissions and promotional use. Money allocated will be put towards the cost of travel and lodging the recording company as well as the editing, mixing, and mastering of the album.

Nicole Certesio will be resigning from her position as the Financial Controller of the Student Government Association. Her last day will be Oct. 10. The application process for the position will open this week [9/18].

Remarks from Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Sarah Feyerherm:

1) The College signed a contract with a new Psychi-atric Nurse Practitioner, who will be starting Sept. 27.

2) Steve Kaneshik has been hired as the new Recre-ation Sports Coordinator.

3) New Public Safety officer hired.

4) Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Intercultural Af- fairs and Interim Director of Student Engagement Jean-Pierre Laurenceau-Medina sent an email to campus regarding the Bias Incident reporting process.

5) Career Fair will be on Sept. 27.

6) Hot water issues in Minta Martin should be fixed soon.

7) WC  is working on a bus/shuttle to go to Middletown to establish a pilot program this fall. It would potentially run on Sunday and Wednesday after- noons.

Senior class officers will be hosting a meet and greet on Sept. 23 in the Goosenest from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Elections for the Class of 2022 will be on Sept. 28.

Queen of the Roses 5K will be on Sunday Oct. 7 at 9 a.m. in Wilmer Park.

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