SGA President Highlights New Student Space in Goose Nest

edited.SGA_MarkCooley (1)By Katy Shenk

Student Life Editor

The new Student Government Association-designed meeting space in the far right of the Goose Nest in Hodson Hall underwent its final stages of renovation last week and is now open to students.

The former Goose Nest arrangement housed both the SGA and the Office of Student Engagement offices in the far-left area. As part of the renovation, this area was expanded to allow for growth of the OSE offices.

Prior to recent renovation, the far-right space was a TV lounge largely unfrequented by students.

“No one used it. We watched and polled, and there was never anybody in here,” senior Victoria Cline, SGA president, said.

The original plans for the space were developed by former President Audrey Utchen and Financial Controller Alex Smith. Their idea was to use SGA budget reserves and pullbacks, or money returned by clubs at the end of the year, toward a shared student space.

Also instrumental was former SGA President May Kiros, who arranged meetings with the OSE and Yerkes Construction to coordinate space logistics.

Enter the current SGA leadership of senior Victoria Cline, president, junior Savannah Masterson, vice president, and junior Nicole Certesio, financial controller, who have been responsible for finalizing decisions regarding construction and furniture.

Cline outlined the different rooms within the new space and how they can be used by students and clubs alike.

The first is the veteran and commuter student lounge, which requires an ID scan-in for access. The room holds a small lounge space with Wi-Fi capability, and will soon have individual lockers as well.

“[A commuter and veteran lounge] is something that’s been on our platform for a couple of years. Commuters and veterans will be the only ones with access into this space, so it’s something they can really call their own,” Cline said.

The second new area is an 18-person conference room available by reservation for any student groups or clubs.

Finally, the main lounge space contains couches and televisions, as well as a club storage area along the far-left wall and club printing facilities. Another anticipated addition is a small kitchenette with a stove-top.

An offshoot from the main area contains the offices of  Cline, Masterson, and Certesio.

Cline emphasized that the new space is not just for club or group meetings.

“This space is for all students, so anybody can come in here during the day and do homework, just hang out,” she said.

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