The Shorewomen Take a 12-0 Lead

WomensSoccer_MarkCooleyBy Kayla Zapcic

Elm Staff Writer

The Shorewomen experienced lightning delays during their game against Wesley on Friday, Aug. 31, ultimately leading to the game’s postponement to an undetermined date.

Despite this, the team was ready to face Rosemont College on Sunday in Rosemont, Penn.

The Shorewomen showed no mercy on the Ravens as they beat them 12-0. This game was the first time in 16 years that the team had double digits in goals. It was also the seventh straight season opener win.

Senior Lindsay Russell said she is confident in the   team’s     ability   after the win over Rosemont.

“We are thrilled with our win today over Rosemont. Because this acted as our first game of the season, the team was really just excited to go out and compete, and we had an awesome day offensively. As we enter this season we are extremely optimistic about what this team can achieve.  The potential of this group is, in my opinion, is the highest in our programs history, so we’re looking forward to the successes that this season could bring. As a team, we’ve set a lot of goals moving forward, but in our sport, success is built one game at a time. We’re excited to see what we’re capable of,” she said.

The team had a diverse group of scorers including freshmen Bess Mascon, Erin O’Rielly, and Emily Jacoby, sophomore Sara Douglas, juniors Parker Morris and Cayla Marcinko, and seniors Lauren Neary, Arianna Sabatino, Lindsay Russell, and Olivia Sabatino.

   Washington College  was winning 5-0 by the end of the first half and finished the game by scoring seven more goals during the second half.

During the game, Olivia Sabatino scored two goals, which set a new school record, having 18 goals in her WC women’s soccer career.       

“I’m honored to receive this recognition because it exemplifies the growth of our team over the past four years. I am extremely lucky to play along side such a hardworking group of individuals— every goal has truly been a team effort.  Everything we accomplish, we accomplish together, and I can’t wait to see what else we achieve this season,” she said.

While Sabatino set school records, many new faces got to put their stats on the leaderboard. Jacoby and Morris got to showcase their offensive skills and scored their first collegiate goals this past Sunday.

The Shorewomen take on Rutgers-Camden on Saturday, Sept. 8 and begin conference play with Gettysburg on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Mens’ Lacrosse (9-7)

Mar. 17 vs.(L)  Eastern

Mar 25 (L)  @ #11 Dickinson

Mar. 29 (L)  vs. #17 Ursinus

Apr. 1 (W) vs. McDaniel

Apr. 8  (W) at Muhlenberg

Apr. 12 (W) vs. Haverford

Apr. 15 (W) @ Centenary (N.J.)

Apr 22 (L) vs. Franklin & Marshall

Apr 26  (L) @ Swarthmore

Apr 29  (L) @ Gettysburg

Women’s Lacrosse (10-6)

Mar. 18 (W) vs. Randolph Macon

Mar. 20 (W) vs. #18 St. Mary’s Coll. of Md.

Mar. 25 (L) @ Dickinson*

Apr. 1 (W) vs. McDaniel

Apr. 5  (L) vs. Ursinis

Apr. 8  (W) @Muhlenberg

Apr. 15 (W) @ Bryn Mawr

April 19 (W) vs. Haverford

April 22 (L) @ #4 Franklin & Marshall

Apr 26  (W) @ Swarthmore

Apr 29 (L) Gettysburg

May 3 @ Dickinson

Baseball (14-20)

Apr 4 (L) @ Swarthmore

Apr7 (W) vs. Swarthmore

Apr 8 (L) (L) @ Gettysburg (DH)

Apr 12 (W)  vs. Haverford

Apr 14  (L) @ Haverford

Apr 15  (L) (W) vs. Dickinson (DH)

Apr. 18 (W) vs. McDaniel

Apr. 21 (L) @ McDaniel

Apr 23 (L) (W) vs. Muhlenberg (DH)

Apr 25 (L) vs. Johns Hopkins

Apr 28 (L) Johns Hopkins

Apr 29  (W)(L) vs. Urinus (DH)

Softball (24-14)

Apr 1 (W) (W) @ Gettysburg (DH)

Apr 5 (L) (W) @ Catholic (DH)

Apr 8 (L) (W) @ McDaniel (DH)

Apr 11 (W) (W) vs Swarthmore (DH)

Apr 14(W) (W)  vs. Dickinson (DH)

Apr 22 (W) (W) vs. Haverford (DH)

Apr 24 vs Stevenson PPD

Apr 29 (W)(W)@ Franklin and Marshall (DH)

May 5 vs. Gettysburg @ McDaniel

Men’s Tennis (12-5)

Apr 9 (W) @ Muhlenberg

Apr 11 (L) @ Swarthmore

Apr 13 (L) vs. Salisbury

Apr 15 (W) vs. Dickinson

Apr 19 (W) vs. Ursinus

Apr 23 (W) @ Gettysburg

Apr 25 (L) @ Johns Hopkins

Apr 29 (W) vs. Franklin and Marshall

May 3 vs. Franklin and Marshall

Women’s Tennis (10-7)

Apr 1 (W) vs. McDaniel

Apr. 4 (L) vs Haverford

Apr 12 (L) @ Swarthmore

Apr 13 (L) vs. Salisbury

Apr 15 (W) vs. Dickinson

Apr 18 (W) vs. Ursinus

Apr 22 (W) @ Gettysburg

Apr 26 (L) @ Johns Hopkins

Apr 29 (L) vs. Franklin and Marshall

May 2 @ Haverford

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