Theft Alert

In light of the recent waves of theft that have occurred at Washington College over the past few weeks, the Department of Public Safety has sent out safety and crime prevention tips for students, faculty and staff.

Off Campus:

Public Safety officers are available to conduct security inspections of off-campus student housing to identify security weaknesses and recommend specific precautions. Call Public Safety at (410) 778-7810 for an assessment to be conducted. Other suggestions for making off-campus residences more secure include:

* Checking the condition of outside lighting and keeping it on

* Checking window and door locks to ensure they are functioning    properly

* Locking residence door and room door, even if you will only be gone for a short time

* Reporting anything suspicious to the police (911)

* Talking with neighbors and sharing any concerns about safety. Working together is always more effective.

Campus wide:

Chestertown is not exempt from occasional crimes, and students and staff must adapt to make themselves a more crime-proof environment.

* Personal property should never be left unattended.

* The most common targets of campus thefts are small items — laptops, cell phones, wallets, and pocketbooks. These articles should be kept secured at all times.

* No valuable items should be left unattended on top of desks and tables. If personnel are leaving, these items should locked and secured, and the office doors should be locked when it is unoccupied.

* Keep track of key fobs, swipe cards and office keys, store them in a secure place and do not give them out.

* Classroom and laboratory doors should always be locked when the room is not being used.

* In the parking lots, valuables should be locked in the trunk of cars and out of plain view.

According to Director of Public Safety Brandon McFayden’s campus wide email, the reasons items are stolen may vary, but most thefts occur because of opportunity and the willingness of an individual to commit a crime. Crime cannot be deterred, but the opportunity for theft to occur can significantly be reduced.

“Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility,” McFayden said.

Any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to Public Safety. If there are any questions or concerns, contact Public Safety at (410) 778-7810.

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