From student to public servant: spotlight on Victoria Cline

VictoriaClineHeadshot2_HeberGuerra-RecinosBy Julia Clifton

Elm Staff Writer

As a former Elm staff writer, senior Victoria Cline understands that words have power, and has been using both the written and spoken word to drive her experiences and pursue her passions during her time at Washington College.

“I love to write and help others learn to be better writers. Words have power, and even when you feel no one is listening, you can write. A piece of paper is really like a megaphone,” Cline said.

Cline is a double major in English and political science with a minor in Spanish. Her specific interests include Latin American politics, early English, immigrant literature, and peace and conflict studies.

In addition to working as a peer tutor at the Writing Center and performing as a member of the Sho’troupe dance team and dance club, Cline has been involved in leading the student body through participation in the Student Government Association in multiple roles.

“I have an amazing team and some of my most meaningful friendships have come out of my time in the SGA and making a positive impact together, regardless of the long hours and hard work, is truly my passion here,” Cline said.

As the current President, Cline has introduced initiatives to improve campus safety, community relations, and student wellness, according to Director of Student Engagement Elaine Grant.

“Victoria [has] represented the student body in an exceptional manner,” Grant said.

Cline’s goal is to use the skills she has acquired and refined through her time in the SGA to pursue a career in the field of politics or public service.

Whether this leads her to the Maryland State Assembly or the White House, Cline said she hopes to “find a way to make change in the world and make people’s lives better by standing up for them when they need someone on their side and listening to them when they need to be heard.”

In addition to participating in internships at the Maryland General Assembly and the Library of Congress, Cline took the opportunity to attend the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs at West Point Military Academy last October.

At the conference and through direct interaction with cadets, Cline said she learned the importance of intellectual exchange between civilians and the military and the impact of debate in drafting public policy.

Further pre-professional experiences, such as the Training Ms. President seminar and involvement in the Maryland Student legislature, helped Cline gain confidence in her leadership abilities.

“I have learned what it is to have courage, be a leader, ethics, how to overcome obstacles, what to do in the face of pressure and stress and how to believe in myself as an individual and my ability to make a difference,” she said.

In thanking WC for its role in her success, Cline said, “I could not have done it without the support of staff and professors.”

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