New Johns Hopkins partnership

By Lori Wysong

News Editor

Aspiring nurses at Washington College will have an opportunity to further their careers at Johns Hopkins, thanks to a new letter of understanding with the Johns Hopkins University Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Entry into Nursing Program.

The agreement was developed by Director of Pre-health Professions Programs Jodi Olson and Associate Professor of Psychology and Pre-Nursing Faculty Advisor Tia Murphy, although Murphy said Olson took the lead in the endeavor.

“I assisted Ms. Olson where I could by discussing the possible options with her and reviewing the agreement documents,” she said. 

According to Olson, “The partnership was established in recognition of an already long-lasting relationship with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHUSON),” which was connected with JHUSON’s now defunct Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program.

“The advantage for students who participate in the JHUSON program means they enter a program with a curriculum at the master’s level, which covers all of the necessary concepts and skills a student would require,” Olson said. “Simultaneously, students receive the necessary training to become leaders in the field of nursing with a curriculum well-grounded in population health, management and risk prevention.”

Olson said that an MSN can open pathways to becoming a clinical nurse, or the option of going into academia and training future nurses. 

Murphy and Olson also said that the program, which allows students to complete their Bachelor’s degree at WC and then apply to JHUSON to pursue an MSN, provides students with flexibility.

“Some students really want to be here four years, or figure out that they want to be a nurse later,” Olson said. 

WC does not currently have a nursing major, so this new program is open to students of all majors. There are certain course and GPA requirements for those who wish to participate, however.

“Within my role as the pre-nursing faculty advisor, I can assist students in making sure they take the courses that are required by JHUSON,” Murphy said. 

Many of the required courses do have prerequisites, an important consideration for students interested in the program.

According to Olson, however, completing the program would still be feasible for students if they decided to participate by the beginning of their junior year and had completed some of the prerequisites to these required courses. 

“During the application process and before applying students will have support from not only the faculty and staff at WC, they will also be able to field questions about the process to Ms. Laura Panozzo, the senior admissions officer for the Graduate Entry MSN Program at JHUSON,” Olson said.

Panozzo will be on campus on Feb. 12 at 4:30 p.m. to answer student questions and talk about the new agreement. Students interested in the program or the event with Panozzo should contact Murphy or Olson at and

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