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By Nicole Noce

Elm Staff Writer


Washington College’s Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) has been rooted in the student body since 1999, and is continuing to improve sustainability and awareness of environmental issues at the college.

“The overall goal of SEA is to improve and advocate for the WC, Chestertown, regional, and global environment through activities and activism,” said Rebecca Fox, club advisor and assistant professor of environmental science.

According to SEA co-president senior Rose Adelizzi, SEA collaborates with multiple organizations, including the Center for Environment and Society, the Office of Sustainability, the Nature Conservancy, and Citizens Climate Lobby.

They club has also attended conferences such as the Green Allies Conference, Citizens Climate Lobby Conference, and the Climate Change Dialogue Conference, along with visits to national wildlife refuges and state parks around the Eastern Shore.

Currently there are three subcommittees of SEA, each with their own focus. One of these committees is an Activism Committee.

“Our Activism Committee usually writes letters and postcards to our legislators about environmental laws and has been working to get the college to show support for the Paris Climate Agreement, and also support the Put a Price on It campaign, a carbon tax initiative that many other individuals and organizations around the nation have given support towards,” Adelizzi said.

Fox commended the club for their commitment to pursuing environmental change through activism.

“Over the past few years, SEA has really stepped up its environmental activism to try to advocate for a better environment through political avenues,” stated Fox.

Another subcommittee is the R4 (Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) Committee. This subcommittee is collecting plastic caps and lids to use to create a recycled bench on campus. They also hold the Dorm Room Donation Drive, where they collect student’s unwanted items during move out in the spring to give them away during the Move In Market in the fall.

SEA’s third and newest committee is the Sustainable Living Committee, which was established last semester.

“This committee is aiming to work more at the individual level, helping students live more sustainable lives,” Adelizzi said.

Members of the committee hosted a Thrifting Around Chestertown event, where they walked with students downtown to the Farmer’s Market and different thrift stores to show students where to shop locally and purchase second hand items.

“I think the members in this committee are hoping to also help students make more environmentally conscious choices regarding energy use, food choices, and consumption of stuff,” Adelizzi said.

Adelizzi values SEA for the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who want to bring meaningful change to WC.

“I like being a part of the effort to address environmental issues and improve sustainability at WC and in the community. Being a part of SEA has allowed me to meet some amazing people who are all deeply concerned about the environment and equally passionate about working towards solutions,” she said.

Just some of the many events SEA is planning on holding later this semester are a movie night, a sustainable snack workshop, and an Arbor Day tree planting event.

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