Mobile Vet Center to visit WC monthly

By Julia Fuchs

Elm Staff Writer

Washington College recently began working with the Mobile Veterans Center (MVC) to promote campus community outreach.

MVCs are vehicles that travel to various locations across the country to provide a broad range of services. Primarily, they assist veterans in readjustment to civilian life.

Some of the programs these centers offer include individual and group counseling for veterans and families, family counseling for military related issues, bereavement for families of veterans, and outreach and education.

Vet centers originally were purposed for veterans and families of veterans solely. Now, the MVC has expanded to more of a community outreach project, inviting all to stop by the vehicles for information.

The MVC will be on campus the second Tuesday of every month. To make this more accessible to students and reach more people, Student Affairs will be moving the vehicle near Kirby Stadium.

Campus Events Coordinator Carol Landis, who oversees scheduling student events, was a key member in the coordination of this event.

“Elaine Grant of Student Affairs was contacted by the MVC outreach, and I scheduled the event,”Landis said.

The MVC vehicle will be visiting WC regularly for the next few months. As to whether the program will continue to visit WC in the Fall, it would more than likely depend on the level of participation of students and the local community.

“In April, we might put them (MVCs) in Martha Washington Square to provide information to students about internships and other opportunities.” Landis said.

Some internship programs include the Pathways internship program, the dietetic internship program, and the National Diversity Internship program. Each of these programs requires special training.

The Pathways program, for example, focuses on human resources, and administration. Interns, through this program, are eligible to gain professional experience, while earning a decent salary and staying in school.

Interns for many of these programs are eligible to convert the internship into a full time job after the completion of training, and any school the intern in enrolled in. Qualifications for an internship include enrollment in a high school or college, and the pursuit of a quality degree. Other qualifications are dependent on the specific field a student is applying for.

“We are glad to have [MVCs] come to campus to offer services to campus community members,” Landis said.

The Mobile Veteran Center will be back on Campus April 9, when they will provide information to students on internships or other opportunities. The vehicle will either be located near Kirby Stadium or in Martha Washington Square.

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