No experience required: WC’s revitalized photography club

By Julia Clifton

Elm Staff Writer

Last year the photography club on campus was mostly comprised of graduating seniors, and with no one left to run it last semester, the club became inactive and was dissolved.

This semester, junior Brook Yimer and senior Haley Zullo have begun work to reactivate the old club and make improvements.

“[The club] wasn’t advertised properly and each year it became more inactive. I want to get more people involved, and better meetings, better activities,” Yimer said.

Yimer, who grew up surrounded by art in Washington, D.C., wants to spread an appreciation and awareness of this form of art.

“I want people to gain a new passion for photography. My dad gave me [a passion for] photography and I want to give that back to my community,” Yimer said.

The club invites all students to join, not just those with experience in photography, but anyone interested in art who wants to explore a new form of expression.

“I can’t really draw or paint, but I can take photos. So, it’s just an easily accessible way for me to create pretty pictures and create art, which I love,” said freshman and new club member Maxwell Moore.

Yimer, Zullo, and Moore are currently exploring ideas for activities and potential club trips. They hope to visit nearby cities like Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore for photoshoots.

Additionally, they want to assist clubs on campus with self-promotion by photographing their gatherings and events.

“I’m also looking forward to capturing campus life, like club activities. I think a lot of clubs here are cool, but people don’t know what they do and helping spread what they do is going to be really cool and that’s super important,” Moore said.

According to Zullo, another aspiration for this year is to offer group photoshoots before Birthday Ball for interested students.

“We’re not sure how it’s going to work yet, but we’re thinking maybe in a central location and students can come and meet us there hours before,” Zullo said.

The club is currently working with the Student Events Board to try and execute this idea.

While regular meetings for the club have not been set yet, they plan to try and hold meetings once a week during which small photoshoots may occur around campus and members can receive feedback on their work.

Additionally, they would like to have a larger event once a month for both club members and the student body.

There will also be leadership positions available on the executive board of the club for those interested.

“There’s definitely going to be options for people to get more involved on the [executive] board this semester and especially next semester.” Zullo said.

Interested students should contact Yimer at or Zullo at for more information.

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