The sixth season of “RWBY” ended flying high

By Vanessa Rupertus
Elm Staff Writer

The journey was long, but the end of the sixth season of the popular web-series “RWBY” (pronounced “ruby”), created by the late Monty Oum, came to a stirring conclusion.
The 13th and final episode, titled “Our Way,” aired on on Jan. 26.
Team RWBY was faced with many formidable challenges over this season, and much was revealed—both to the audience and to our heroes.
The complicated history between Professor Ozpin (Shannon McCormick) and main antagonist Salem (Jennifer Lee Taylor) was brought to light, while the broken trust between protagonists Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman) and Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) was slowly mended.
We also learned a bit more about the “Silver Eyed Warriors” from a rather spunky old woman with some secrets of her own, Maria Calavera (Melissa Sternenberg).
Speaking of silver eyes, our main hero, Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones), received some much-needed development as she made the decisive leap from an ambitious but naïve girl to a capable leader.
Ruby undoubtedly stole the spotlight during the finale with her big moment of saving the city of Argus from a gigantic sea monster. Ruby harnessing the “light” within herself is a heroic scene few fans of the show will likely ever forget.
While Ruby’s ability still hasn’t been completely explained, fans cannot wait for more details, especially after they were treated to their first real glimpse of Ruby’s mysterious mother, Summer Rose.
Blake’s conclusive confrontation with her abuser, Adam Taurus (Garrett Hunter), shocked the audience, as well. The rematch between the deluded activist-turned-terrorist Adam and team partners Blake and Yang has long been anticipated, and did not disappoint.
Even in the midst of the action, fans were touched to see Blake’s determination to protect those she loves and to live on for them, as well as Yang’s fierce loyalty to Blake.
The writers of the show, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross, have received much praise for depicting just how harrowing it can be for someone in an abusive relationship.
Many fans of the show reached out on various social media sites to express their relief that Blake was finally able to escape Adam’s toxic influence. Though she has a long road to recovery still, she has her friends there beside her.
The finale, however, left fans in suspense on a number of other plot points. It’s certainly safe to say that Team RWBY’s troubles are far from over.
Atlas, the place they’re headed to next, is gearing up for war, and prominent antagonists like Cinder Fall (Jessica Nigri), Arthur Watts (Christopher Robin Sabat), Tyrian Callows (Joshua Grelle), and fan-favorite Neo are all headed there, too.
After a season of satisfying triumphs for Team RWBY, though, the villains should know better than to underestimate our young heroes.

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