Pet of the Week: Quinn

PuppyBy Kailani Clarke

Elm Staff Writer

Let’s all face it: sometimes life sucks. But you can keep up hope and love with all you have, knowing that you’re worth it, and it will get better. It takes love and a strong heart to carry on. Quinn, this week’s Pet of the Week, has both.

Quinn is a 4-year-old bulldog mix who’s had a rocky start to life. She’s been at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County for almost 8 months, after she and two other dogs were seized from a backyard breeder. Her compatriots were adopted, and now Quinn is awaiting her turn. It’s puzzling that she’s had to wait at all, because Quinn is a cloud puff of a dog who showers everyone with enthusiastic affection and cuddly face licking.

According to the ACSKC’s Volunteer, Education and Outreach Coordinator JP Hooker, Quinn is one of the kindest dogs he knows, and is trustworthy around people of all ages. He feels she would make an excellent therapy dog. With her kindness and people skills, Quinn reminds Hooker of Melanie, a former ACSKC dog who is now enjoying her home with a Washington College community member.

Quinn is heartworm positive. Luckily, this condition is treatable. Though Quinn is available for adoption, she would be a foster-to-adopt until she completes her treatment and is heartworm negative. This means that if she is adopted while still heartworm positive, the ACSKC would continue pay for her treatment until she was clear of the disease. Quinn’s condition hardly dampens her determination to snuggle every human on Earth, which makes her considerably strong. She would therefore find the best home with someone who could hone her leash manners and devote the proper energy to her walks. At the moment, Quinn should be the only quadruped in the house.

Quinn has spent much of her short life wasting her warmth on undeserving people. Though she is beloved in the ACSKC community, it’s high time for this sweet girl to find a home that will receive her love and return it tenfold. Such a kind soul deserves nothing less.

If you are interested in adopting Quinn, you can fill out an adoption application online or in person at the Animal Care Shelter of Kent County at 10720 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown, MD, or call at 410-778-3648.

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