Casey Time tidies campus and community

edited.CaseyTime4_HeberGuerra-RecinosBy Nicole Noce

Elm Staff Writer

Noticeable changes were made around campus this past Sunday as part of the College’s volunteer program, Casey Time. For three hours, volunteers completed various projects for the annual event.

“The service projects are largely determined by request,” said Service Council Secretary freshman Alaina Perdon. Since many of the tasks were requests from organizations on campus, there was a range of activities planned for the afternoon.

Greg Farley, director of the Office of Sustainability, had volunteers complete three tasks that were environmentally focused. Some volunteers painted signs in front of storm drains to distinguish that they are not places for waste to be deposited, while other volunteers painted the curb in front of the electrical car charger stations green.

New labels were also placed on all of the trash and recycling containers in Toll Science Center. The old labeling system was inconsistent, but with the implementation of the new labels, students have a clear description of what each container collects.

Another project involved students painting primer on the fence by the campus garden.

“A group of students from Dr. Bible’s environmental communications class will be painting the fence near the Campus Garden as part of their final project; thus, we will be priming the fence for them during Casey Time,” Perdon said.

While one group painted the garden fence, another group gave the curbs a fresh coat of yellow to indicate locations where parking is not permitted.

Inside Hodson Hall, a group of volunteers cleaned the community kitchen in The Egg to prepare the space to become George’s General Free Store. By the end of Casey Time, the space and kitchen supplies already there were fully cleaned and set up for the future use of the space.

Off campus, a group of volunteers were cleaning and picking up trash by the bike trail near Royal Farms.

Casey Time originated in memory of the late Eugene B. Casey, who made significant donations to the College, reflected in the naming of the Casey Swim Center. Casey Time offers students the opportunity to organize and participate in meaningful service projects.

“I’m happy to be here helping and serving my community,” sophomore Kayla Mehrtens said.

“WC has become a second home to me, and I want it to be home for many more people for years to come and taking care of our campus will allow this to happen,” sophomore Leah Morris said.

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