Equestrian females run wild in protest

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With the recent addition of the new state-of-the-art Hodson Boathouse, Washington College has had to find various ways to make budget cuts across campus to finish paying for the structure.

Unfortunately, the Equestrian Team had had to face the brunt of most of these cut backs. The team has embraced this budget cut with “creativity and drive” to get their funds back, according to one of the parents of the riders.

“You could say they take horse-loving to a whole new level,” one mom said.

Last week, the College announced that they would be cutting all funding for the Equestrian Team, including selling all of their horses in an effort to dig out of debt.

“We originally thought the Boathouse would be able to double as a stable for the Equestrian Team, but when we realized that the horses didn’t know how to swim, we had to rethink our plan,” said Athletic Director, Shaq.

This decision has received much backlash from the riders, parents, faculty, staff, and horse enthusiasts throughout the greater Chestertown community.

“When I heard the news last week, I didn’t think much of it,” said an anonymous parent. “I mentioned to my daughter that the team would find ways to compete without horses, and I think it may have sparked some creativity in her.”

The team has now taken it upon themselves to protest and make the college listen to their voices.

They have taken to the streets of Chestertown, neighing at those passing by and only galloping to their next destination.

The biggest impact they’ve had on the town was the building of a show ring in Fountain Park. They used the money from a Chipotle fundraiser to get new jumps and barrels for the course.

On campus, the team has taken over Middle Hall, where they have set up a new stable and sleeping area. The team claimed Middle Hall and its hill to squat and store their show gear. These pony gurus are not taking their protest lightly, and are assuming the roles of horses to the full extent.

The team ordered 300 pounds of hay to be delivered to Central Services to put down for their bedding and munching. However, due to the recent windy weather in Chestertown it all blew into the Chester River. This detail explains the recent lack of hay on the flat grassy area in between the Hill Dorms and the library patio.

The team has vowed to maintain a typical horse diet and have taken full advantage of the request line in the Hodson Dining Hall.

“They requested 100 pounds of carrots and 50 pounds of apples,” said one Dining Services Employee.

Director of Dining Services, Guy Fieri, said the team asked him to order as many mints as he could get. This effort was not as successful, though, because Fieri said he only supports bulk orders of bacon.

“We’re takin’ you on a road rockin’ trip down to Flavortown, where the gravitational force of bacon warps the laws of space and time,” he said.

No one knows how long this protest will last or if WC will save enough money to re-purchase the team’s horses, but the Equestrian Team won’t stop until they see change.

As a community, we can hope they find a place to compete with horses before the next farmer’s market so the vendors won’t be disturbed by the Equestrian Team’s hobby horse activities.

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