Jobs available for students interested in working on campus

By MacKenzie Brady
Student Life Editor
Washington College has vacant on-campus positions available for student employment in the fall semester. With a wide range of jobs available, requiring varying degrees of time commitments, experience, and training, there is plenty to apply for.
To look for open positions, log in to JobX using a email and password, which can be accessed through the Career Center’s web page on the WC website. On JobX, students can get information about, and apply for, any employment positions that are available.
Some positions currently listed on JobX include Public Safety Dispatcher, Circulation Desk Assistant in the Library, Catering Server, and more. There are also jobs that are more career-or interest-specific, including Laboratory Assistant for Science Resources, Lifeguards/Swim Instructors, HelpDesk Technical Consultant, and Legal Services Assistant for the C. V. Starr Center.
Whether students are interested in positions that keep them active, like Yoga Instructor or  Intramural Sport Official, or want to get dressed up as Gus the Mascot—or be a Gus Handler—for open houses and other admissions events, there are positions of all kinds available for students to apply to make extra money, meet new people, build their resume, or stay involved on campus.There is something to appeal to everyone, so students should be sure to apply before the positions are filled.
The number of hours required for each position, and the pay earned while doing them, varies and is listed for each position on the JobX listing. Students are only able to work a maximum of twenty hours a week combined for on campus positions.
In order to get paid once a student finds a job, they must pick up a pay pack from the Career Center which must be completed and returned before they are able to begin working.

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