Recipe of the week: Egg Island, aka Egg in a Nest

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 1.05.12 PMBy William Lesoravage

Elm Staff Writer

College is a time when many students find themselves, strapped for cash. We have all been in those unfortunate circumstances before. When you’re on a budget and need to pinch those pennies, everything from turning off the lights to planning meals counts. You may even find yourself looking for a meal or entrée that checks off a bunch of boxes. This week’s recipe does that, and more.

Enter the Egg Island, also known as the Egg in a Nest. Woke up late and need a quick five-minute fix before you run to class? This breakfast staple has got you covered. This little dish is an outstanding answer to any hangover or midnight munchies you might have over the course of the semester.

A hearty, simple, tasty meal in itself, it will keep your appetite when the next paycheck isn’t for another few days.


(Yields 2 Portions)

2 large eggs

2 slices of bread of any kind, preferably some type of sandwich bread




In its purest form, the dish is comprised of a slice of toast with a hole cut into the center of it, toasted up in a pan or toaster. Once lightly toasted, drop the bread into a greased-down skillet at medium temperature, and crack an egg into the hole of the bread. Cook it sunny-side-up or if you have the skill, flip it on both sides to cook it all the way through. The egg in this dish is meant to be runny, acting almost as a sauce to your eggs and toast. Once cooked through, plate it up and garnish with literally anything that floats your boat. If you are a purist, salt and pepper is the tried and true method. On the other hand, if you want some more flavor, splash some Tabasco sauce on top.

And what of that little circle you cut out of the bread? On a budget, no one wants to waste any food. Toast that little one up, then add some butter and jam or marmalade. Now you have some eggs and toast on a very humble but satisfying level.

This is a meal I grew up on when I lived with my grandmother on the New Jersey Shore. With little money to work with, the Egg Island’s consistency of protein and carbs kept me going during long beach days.

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