SGA Minutes Sept. 10 & 17

  • The first aid kits in the RA offices do not seem up to date, and are lacking one of the most basic medicines, Benadryl. Our Secretary of Student Life will be addressing these concerns in an upcoming meeting with the Department of Public Safety Officers.
  • Flock-To-The-Waterfront will be on Sept. 28. This will be a Student Government Association and Student Events Board collaborative event. More details to come.
  • Student Affairs took over the transportation taskforce last spring. They got a whole new fleet of cars, but are still waiting for a few minivans. However, there are new daily fees and mileage fees. Clubs are encouraged to work with administrative assistant Lisa Jones about lack of budget for transportation costs. From now on, there will be cleaning fees charged if any cars in use are left dirty. If clubs want to take out a group of students, there are now forms that all clubs are required to fill out.
  • Weekend shuttles are now only ran on Friday and Sunday, and are no longer available on Saturdays. Student Affairs wants to start promoting Ride-Sharing. They are trying to connect students. There is now a ride board in Hodson.
  • Dean of Library and Academic Technology Mary Alice Ball addressed the senators about the ongoing printing situation. The College has a contract with Canon, but Miller Library wants to start a pilot of the Ink solution. Students will be able to print, scan, print photos, copy, and fax from printers. At the end of the one-year, there will be a survey sent out. There is only money in the budget for them to provide printing money for seniors and PELL grant recipients, so students will be printing using their own money.

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