Kappa Sigma hosts bi-annual pancake breakfast

By Carlee Berkenkemper

Elm Staff Writer

On Saturday, Oct. 26 th from 8 a.m. to. noon, the Kappa Sigma fraternity hosted their bi-an- nual pancake breakfast at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Brothers began arriving 6 a.m., and started preparing to serve pancakes, eggs, tater tots, sausage, bacon, and French toast sticks to Washington College students, faculty, staff, and Chestertown community members.

Those attending the event had to purchase a ticket either in advance or at the door, and t-shirts were sold as well. All proceeds are donated to the fraternity’s Military Heroes campaign and prostate cancer research at the University of Virginia.

For many of the brothers, the school and community coming together to support their philanthropy is a highlight of the event.

Leonard Brogan, sophomore and member of Kappa Sigma, said, “I like seeing all the town- ies and students come together and see some of our alumni come back. It’s a great time.”

Similarly, Ryan Kibler, senior and co- vice president of Kappa Sigma said, “We get a really big showing every year not just with the College. It leaves a good impression on the town. We get people who are on the town council who have tried to advertise for us. … They like to sup- port what we’re raising money for.”

Dr. Aaron Krochmal, associate professor and associate department chair in biology, said, “My favorite thing is looking around the room and seeing college student and people from the community at large all coming together for a very important cause, for charities supporting veterans and their families. I think it’s important to get students involved in service work and involve communities.”

Chestertown resident Nancy Dick is a member of Emmanuel Episcopal Church where the event is held.

She said that they advertise for the breakfast in their church bulletin. “I come [to the break- fast] every year twice a year. It’s a great idea, the food is wonderful, and the boys do a good job. I think it’s very worthwhile having the charities and service projects they work for, and it’s wonderful to see the number of people who go to the church come every year.”

This is the eleventh year and 22nd breakfast. Last year, they raised over 3,000 dollars.

Bryce Robertson, sophomore and Kappa Sigma service chair, said, “It’s just all about cook- ing up pancakes and other breakfast foods on a Saturday morning.”

Speaking on his role as service chair in relation to the event, Robertson said, “I make sure everything’s running smoothly … while also getting the word out and getting people to under- stand what our event is. It’s not a bunch of guys trying to raise money for their own fraternity, it’s a better cause than ourselves.”

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