Killer costumes and drop-dead gorgeous looks

How to master using grease make-up for any Halloween look

By Gabby Rente

Lifestyle Editor

With every Halloween costume comes the challenge of transforming oneself from a mundane human into whatever the imagination permits. For those with a creative affinity for the creepy arts, it is incredibly fun and rewarding.

But for those who lack artistic skills, it can be more tricky than treating to get into costume.

Before you head out this chilling weekend, here are some tips and looks to help you look your spooky best.

First things first, you do not need to buy expensive make-up to get the look you want. Save yourself and your wallet the stress of pricey cosmetics by getting a simple Halloween make-up kit from a pharmacy or Dollar General. Be sure to test a little bit of the make-up on the crook of your arm before applying it to your face to test for skin sensitivity or allergies.

It’s also important when applying grease make-up to dab it on rather than smearing it on. This will make your face look much smoother.

If your costume implies covering your entire face in grease make-up, then it would be wise to invest in primer and powder. The primer will help the make-up stick to your skin while the powder helps set it. If you have more sensitive skin, then rose water also works great at setting your make-up.

When you are applying a base color to your face, say green for instance, then knowing your color palette helps if you want to accent your features so you don’t look like a colored blob.

Since humans come in various shades of beige, we normally use a warm blush to emulate a flushed look. If your complexion is green though, then using yellow grease paint on your cheeks and dabbing it lightly does just the trick.

Adding bits of white color to your forehead and the top of your cheekbones will help your features pop more. Pair green with a rich purple or deep blue around the eyes and lips, and you’ve got yourself a dazzling spell caster.

If you want a more subtle look, like a butterfly or mermaid, then you don’t have to cover your entire face in a different color. Use the same logic of contouring to add accents of color to your face.

For example, for a butterfly look, you can use a make-up sponge to highlight your cheekbones with orange and another color of your choosing. Eyeliner can also come in handy to draw designs, much like the lines and dots on a butterfly’s wing.

With these tips under your belt, have a happy and spooky Halloween.

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