Red Brick Runway: Pat Saler “no” to Pat Saler “yes”

FB_IMG_15512033254421By John Linderman

Elm Staff Writer

You will never find a more studious and diligent student on campus than junior Pat Salerno of New York. He is a theater and philosophy double major with an anthropology minor. Salerno is immensely involved with the theater scene, and can commonly be found drinking tea, studying, or hurrying around Gibson.

Salerno especially known by his friends for his terrific sense of style.

When asked on what matters with style:

“I don’t care too much about matching anything, what matters is aesthetic: preppy, formal, hipster, etc. The aesthetic informs the choices in style that follow. Aesthetic also responds to mood and function. Clothes set the mood for how people want to receive you as well. I’m laid back, but I dress formally so professors can perceive me as serious. It’s a balancing thing.”

When asked on necessary flares:

“Beanies for sure, both for style and practicality. It’s a quick way to help with my hair, too. It’s great for a bad hair day, which is the case some of the days. Scarves as well, they help with the cold as well as style (senior Chris Fuchs chuckled and opined that Pat owns an excess of scarves). They remove layers too, making my chosen aesthetic for the day easier. Most of my aesthetics work with scarves, so it’s great!”

When asked to give advice on style:

“Experiment! I’ve worn things that don’t work. We all have the vibes and aesthetics that can work experimentation. If you don’t try, you’ll never find what may make you feel happy. Don’t be discouraged to try something bold. As someone on the shorter side, you sometimes have to put more effort into clothes when your body isn’t mainstream. Again, aesthetic helps with happiness.”

Aesthetic is more than our clothes and style choices; it’s how we express who we are. Pat makes a great point that experimentation is necessary in our fashion, as it shows the fluidity of our personality and wishes. How we want to express ourselves outweighs the anxiety of choosing what to wear, when to wear it, how, and so on. His wisdom is straight-forward: style the best version of you.

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