Shoremen Soccer goes 1-1 while the Shorewomen go 0-1-1

WSoccer_RebeccaKanaskieEDITEDBy Isabella Sansanelli and Louis Galdos 

Sports Editor and Elm Staff Writer 

This past week, the Shoremen and Shorewomen soccer teams each played in two games.

Both the Shoremen’s games were at Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium. While the Shorewomen went on the road and then came home to finish out the week.

The Shoremen won one and lost one, while, the Shorewomen tied one and lost one.

First, the Shoremen competed against #10, Catholic University, where they won the match 2-0.

The Shoremen took a commanding lead and scored two goals in the first half of the game.

The first was by junior James Strine and happened in the first 26 seconds of the match off of an assist by freshman Cole Gifford.

The second goal for the Shoremen came off of an assist by Strine as he fed the ball to junior Remy Kriz in the last moments of the first half to make the score 2-0 going into the halftime.

“It felt great to have such a strong match against such a successful team,” said senior captain Sean Garin.

From there, the Shoremen were able to hold off the Cardinals for the duration of the game, earning them a historic win.

“It felt great to take home a win,” said junior Del Jenkins. “We’ve been working really hard and it is great that our record is now showing it.”

In the next game of the week, the Shorewomen took on Haverford on Thursday, Oct. 17 away at the stadium in Pennsylvania.

The game went into double overtime and ended in a draw of 0-0.

The game was intense and close to the final whistle but unfortunately neither team could find the net.

This tie led the Shorewomen to an improvement in conference play, as they now sit at 1-4-2 in conference.

Both teams played on Saturday, Oct. 19 at home.

First, the Shorewomen took on Franklin & Marshall, who won 2-0.

The game against Franklin and Marshall also marked Senior Day for the Shorewomen as they honored their seven graduating seniors in the class of 2020.  Seniors included Tee Baughman, Maddie Noonan, Maia Duval, Bryanna Rupprecht, Meg Klink, Parker Morris, and Cayla Marcinko.

The game was close until the second half when F&M was able to score both goals.

On that same Saturday, the Shoremen took on Haverford College at home.

The game was close, with an unfortunate score of 2-1, Haverford being the victor.

“We worked really hard during the match and had an extremely strong start.” said junior Aidan Chadam. “It was unfortunate that we couldn’t pull out a win but I know it was within our grasp.

The scoring did not come until the second half and was close until the end, but the Shoremen could not answer back to the Haverford’s lead in the end.

Overall, the Shoremen are left with a regular season record of 7-6-1, and the Shorewomen have a record of 4-6-3.

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