Vaping updates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

October 17, 2019:

1,479 lung injury cases associated with the use of e-cigarette products were reported to the CDC.

E-cigarette-related lung injuries were reported by 49 states, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

33 lung injury-related deaths were confirmed in 24 states.

The median age of patients is 23, ranging from 13 to 75.

79% of patients are under 35.

The median age of patients who died was 44 and ranged from 17 to 75.

All patients reported a history of using e-cigarette products.

There is no single compound or ingredient identified with connection to the illnesses to date. There may be more than one cause of the outbreak.

There is a decline of reported illness onset and hospitalization beginning on Sept. 22 to Oct. 6. However, this recent decline in reported illness onset and hospitalizations are due in part to reporting lag.


On Oct. 17, the e-cigarette company Juul announced it will suspend sales of fruit-flavored e-cigarettes immediately, according to the CNBC article, “E-cigarette giant Juul suspends sales of all fruity flavors ahead of looming US ban.”

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