Watch out, there’s a new Big Man on Campus

By MacKenzie Brady

Student Life Editor

Last week, Washington College’s chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha celebrated Pink Out week to raise money for breast cancer awareness and education.

The week culminated in the annual Big Man on Campus pageant on Friday, Oct. 25, where 11 men competed for the coveted titles of Mr. Think Pink, Sexiest Leg, Best Dressed, Best Tal- ent, and Big Man on Campus 2019.

The theme for this year’s competition was Nightmare on Washington Ave, and the pageant itself was hosted by seniors Ellye Gersh and Kelsey Quinn.

This year’s participants included reigning Big Man, senior Jack Gribble, sophomore Ross Douglas, sophomore Lucas Thompson, senior Brook Yimer, sophomore Jai Johnson, junior Colin Levi, junior Vincent Pacheco, junior Jack Peterson, junior Chase Lentz, freshman Chris Weaver, and senior Jake Vassalotti.

The event opened with a dance routine, choreographed by junior and Director of Membership Enrichment in ZTA Haley Wilt and sophomore Taylor Kimmey, with each of the men dressed in a Halloween costume with a mash-up of spooky songs including “The Addams Family” theme and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Questions ranged from “If you could fight anyone living or dead, who would it be?” to “Are you a flat earther?” to “what kind of dinosaur would you be?” to “If you could give peanut butter another name what would it be?”

Answers included, “If I could fight anyone, it would be the inventor of bed time,” Gribble said to Thompson assuring the crowd he was not a flat earther, “Where is the end of the earth then because I feel like it would be beautiful,” he said. “I’d be a velociraptor because I’m pretty fast,” Peterson said. And the new name for peanut butter would be “sticky nuts” according to Vassalotti.

The men’s talents ranged as well. Gribble created a presentation educating the audience about “vibe checking,” inviting special guests to help him show different kinds of vibes.

Douglas did a stand-up act, Thompson and three guest saxophonists played the Mii Channel music, Yimer had a magic act and invited audience members on stage, Johnson sang, Levi used Peterson’s arms to do a “wine” taste testing, Pacheco and Peterson did a dance number together, Lentz sang and played the guitar, Weaver sang the karaoke version of “Tequila,” and Vassalotti did a stand up comedy act in which he mimicked “computers yelling at us” and wrote “Thank You” cards like Jimmy Fallon does on The Tonight Show.

Throughout the night, audience members cheered and encouraged the contestants as they performed their talents.

“My favorite part of Big Man is the talent portion because the guys are very creative with their talents and they have a lot of fun,” Wilt said.

After much deliberation by the judges, it was determined that Mr. Think Pink would go to Vassalotti. Sexiest Leg, which was determined by the amount of money raised by the pictures of legs at Zeta’s table outside Hodson during the week, went to Thompson. Best Dressed was awarded to Jack Peterson for his salmon blazer. Best Talent went to Levi’s “wine” tasting, with the help of Peterson. And Big Man on Campus 2019 was awarded to Lentz.

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