Finding the perfect spot for your fall photo shoot

By MacKenzie Brady

Student Life Editor

Nothing says fall like a photo shoot. Whether taking pictures of fallen leaves, friends bundled up together, or just enjoying the weather, here are a few must-use spots for fall pictures. 

If you’re looking to take pictures of just the fall scenery, the trees in front of Reid Hall have colorful leaves and, at the right time, the sun shines through them, showing off all the veins in the leaves. 

Another simple, yet popular, photo opportunity is a pile of leaves with your shoes in it. Yellow leaves on the brick of the Cater Walk make for a great Snapchat or Instagram photo. 

If you’re looking for good spots for a photo shoot, here are a few basic things to look for when finding a good background, including color, leaves, and a rustic look. 

Color. Yellow, orange, and red are your best bet for that great fall effect. Positioning yourself in front of a tree or bush with lots of color is the easiest way to get a great background that fits the aesthetic. 

If you’re worried about taking pictures with bare trees in the background, no need to fear. With the right angles, it does not matter what your background is, and sometimes sticks are a great aesthetic. Across the foot bridge by the rugby field, there are a ton of bare trees of all sizes to pose near. 

There are still ways around having a barren background — there are some evergreen trees by the Rose O’Neill Literary House that will always be green and full. 

Leaves. Nothing says fall like leaves — they do the falling and, much to the dismay of anyone who has a yard, cover absolutely everything. Leaves make for a great accessory in any photo shoot — making piles of them to sit in, throwing them into the air, as a background on trees, holding one up to cover some of your face while someone else takes a picture or taking your own picture of you holding one with your arm stretched out, sitting on stairs covered in them, and much more. Leaves are the perfect way to get a fall aesthetic and add a pop of color. 

Rustic look. There are a lot of ways to achieve the rustic look. Wooden things are an easy way to get the effect — lounging on a bench, posing in the pavilion at Wilmer Park, or posing on the pier at the Boathouse are all great spots with lots of wood, and, if taken at the right angle, you might be able to get some water in the background too. 

If you’re going for more of a metallic-rustic look, the fountain in Fountain Park downtown or the train or tracks at the train station across from Wilmer Park are a good place to pose. 

Bricks also make for a good background for fall pictures. Behind Chester Hall is a good place for posing with brick and trees, Minta Martin Hall (facing Reid) has a huge wall space with plenty of different light combinations because of the structure of the building. There are, of course, plenty of brick buildings to go around if that’s the background you’re looking for. 

There are places all over campus and in Chestertown that are great for taking pictures, and this list is nowhere near exhaustive. Finding the perfect spot for your photo shoot with the right lighting takes time and a bit of practice, but this list should help get you started. 

The location isn’t everything when it comes to getting those perfect fall pictures — the outfit can also capture the fall aesthetic. Boots, jeans, flannels, sweaters, vests, and scarves are all great fall fashion looks that will make your photo shoot great. 

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